The Covenants Course


On the Content, History and Contemporary Relevance of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Peoples of the Book

 With a Proposal for Interfaith Mutual Aid

Copyright © 2020 by Charles Upton and Dr. John Andrew Morrow



by Charles Upton


Bismillah al-Rahim al-Rahim.


The Covenants of the Prophet Training Course is designed as a self-administered program for Muslims (though non-Muslims can benefit from it too) who want to learn more about the Covenants or treaties that the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, made with various non-Muslim communities, including the history of these agreements, their contemporary influence on both peacemaking and national and international law, and how they can be put to practical use in interfaith organizing today.


This Course is made up of texts, links to articles and links to videos. It is designed to be of particular use to interfaith activists; nonetheless LESSONS 1-5 make up a strictly academic course in the Prophetic Covenants and their historical context that will be of interest to university departments of history, religious studies, world literature, international relations, etc.


Whoever has taken the Course may apply for a Certificate of Completion designating him or her as a Course Representative.


STEP ONE: Email us at, providing your name and contact information and requesting a Course Test. This request should be accompanied by a donation in any amount, no matter how small, to The Covenants of the Prophet Foundation: See the source image

STEP TWO: Take the Test and email it back to us with your answers clearly indicated.


STEP THREE: We will grade the Test and let you know whether or not you have passed. The names of all who have passed the Test will be listed on the Covenants of the Prophet Foundation website under a Virtual Certificate of Completion. Those who have not passed are encouraged to review the course, take the test again, and submit it to us once more for grading; feel free to do this as many times as you wish. 


We have designed this Training Course as something that you can freely use for your own purposes without ongoing direction from the Covenants of the Prophet Foundation. Nonetheless, if you have any questions, or if you have stories to share on how the Course was received and put to use, especially those you feel will be helpful to other study groups, feel free to contact us.


The Course is yours; use it well.



LESSON 1: Introduction to the Covenants of Muhammad and the Covenants Initiative

LESSON 2: A Closer Look at the Prophetic Covenants, including the Texts of Seventeen of them in English Translation

LESSON 3: The Legal Implications of the Prophetic Covenants

LESSON 4: Answering Objections to the Covenants

LESSON 5: The Role of the Covenants in Interfaith Relations Today

LESSON 6: Rebuilding Muhammad’s Interfaith Alliance: Putting the Covenants into Action

LESSON 7: Internalizing the Covenants: The Virtues of Chivalry in the Character of the Prophet Muhammad

APPENDIX: Additional Course Materials, Letters of Support, Testimonials etc.