“Surely a must read book which shatters myths of Islam and challenges mainstream narratives of Christian-Muslim relations.” CRAIG CONSIDINE

Grateful to see Six Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of his Time translated and published independently. It is an honor to have been among the original signatories of ‘The Covenants Initiative’ and to lend my endorsement and support for this shorter volume. With so much suffering and turmoil in our times, these primary documents translated by Dr. John Andrew Morrow / Imam Ilyas Islam are signs of hope that challenge people of faith to stand against violence towards anyone. ZACHARY MARKWITH

“The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World by Dr. John Andrew Morrow … is a very interesting and crucial work.” —THEOPHILOS III, Patriarch of Jerusalem

“This narrative has the power to unite Muslim and Christian communities. A work of scholarship, its release is timely, and its content critical in fostering mutual respect and religious freedom.”—IMAM FEISAL ABDUL RAUF, Chairman, Cordoba Initiative

“In his indispensable contribution to the study of the Abrahamic faiths, John Andrew Morrow tells the story of how the Prophet Muhammad used his desert experiences of hospitality and protection to bring Muslims and Christians together. Morrow quotes the Prophet’s instruction—as relevant today as in his time: ‘With the People of the Book there is to be no strife.’”—JOSEPH HOBBS, University of Missouri

“Today, we realize more than ever that either we will learn to live together like siblings, or we shall perish together like fools. These letters from the Prophet Muhammad to Christian communities can serve to inspire both Muslims and Christians about our ability to live together as God’s people, as friends, as neighbors, and as custodians of the same small planet.”—OMID SAFI, University of North Carolina

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad is a useful source for all those interested in the cultural and religious history of the Muslim world and the cultural relationship between Islam and Christianity. It will be very helpful in strengthening tolerance, goodwill, and better understanding between different civilizations; and it opens new horizons for further studies.”—AIDA GASIMOVA, Baku State University

“With painstaking effort and much dedication invested in this groundbreaking work, Professor Morrow will surely manage to attract the attention of Islamic studies students and specialists. Indeed, the book is a genuine call for reconsidering the relationship among the three revealed Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.”—AMAR SELLAM, Mohamed I University

“This book documents what is possibly the third foundational source of Islam: the Prophet’s treaties and covenants among people of the Abrahamic faiths. Dr. Morrow brings forth exceptionally important findings that dictate peaceful coexistence among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and includes multiple translations for comparison of how the Prophet and his followers treated Christians and Jews with respect and care, far beyond a mere tolerance.”—BRIDGET BLOMFIELD, University of Nebraska

“These covenants are not merely historical documents; they remain valid, binding covenants for all Muslims from the moment of their inception until the end of time. Dr. Morrow’s work has illuminated a new horizon of Islamic public international law and promotes further scholarly investigation of the covenants.” —HISHAM M. RAMADAN, S.J.D., Kwantlen Polytechnic University

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad is a timely, pioneering, and penetrating study that sheds much light on the thoughts and the policy of the Prophet Muhammad.”—MOHAMED ELKOUCHE, Mohamed I University

“This is a remarkable scholarly contribution: a collection of the covenants of the Prophet Muhammad, now made widely available. They form an integral part of his discourses, particularly because they concern non-Muslims, and mainly Christians.”—MUHAMMAD-REZA FAKHR-ROHANI, University of Qom

“Dr. Morrow, with his mastery of classical Arabic and versatile knowledge of the Islamic heritage, openly, and fearlessly, invites all scholars interested in Islam to reflect on a religion that welcomes dialogue and mutual understanding. His book should be on the shelf of every open-minded reader who seeks the truth about Islam.”SAID MENTAK, Mohammed I University

“John Andrew Morrow has done with this book what Martin Luther King Jr. did with his ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’—called people to account for straying from what they are purported to stand for. He is saying, ‘Here are the covenants. Read them! Honor them, and honor the intent of the Prophet.’”—BARBARA CASTLETON, co-author of Arabic, Islam, and the Allah Lexicon

“The standards set by these treaties appear not only advanced for the time of the Prophet, they remain advanced in our own age.”—ANNA MARIA MARTELLI, Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient

“This is one of the most important projects related to Christian-Muslim relations in recent decades.” —ZACHARY MARKWITH, Graduate Theological Union


The atrocities taking place in Iraq, Syria and other Muslim lands in the name of my religion, Islam, and my God, Allah, are despicable. ISIS does not represent Islam for they have violated almost everything deemed sacred by the Messenger Muhammad (S). Shabbir Agha Abbas, Muslims for Peace, Inc.

Let us open our hearts and minds and approach the true teachings of Islam through learning the Holy Quran and the how the Prophet lived his life – In complete love with immense grace. My heart breaks each time a life is taken in the pretense of upholding the faith. Let us reclaim the duty of protecting our Christian brethen and let us unite in opposition of radicalism – through educating Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. Together we pray for the lives of they who suffer in these tumultuous times. To God be the glory. Mohammed Nazerul Khairy Bin Dzulkefli

THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD WORK. I REJECT ALL INTERPRETATIONS AND ACTS OF EXTREMISTS FROM ANY FAITH, INCLUDING ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM OR BUDISM. I DENOUNCE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE AND UPHOLD HUMAN RIGHTS VALUES FOR ALL SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF ADAM AND EVE. AS GOD SAID IN THE HOLY QURAN: { يا أيها الناس إنا خلقناكم من ذكر وأنثى وجعلناكم شعوباً وقبائل لتعارفوا} ALSO QURAN ASSERTED THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION AS INDICATED BY GOD’S WORD: ) ولو شاء ربك لآمن من في الأرض كلهم جميعا أفأنت تكره الناس حتى يكونوا مؤمنين ( 99 ) وما كان لنفس أن تؤمن إلا بإذن الله ويجعل الرجس على الذين لا يعقلون ( 100 ) ) Muhammad Saeb Martini

Wonderful John Andrew. May God reward you for this very special lecture. I’m gonna make you famous in the Netherlands 🙂 Badr

We must work at building a world where Muslims, Christians and Jews and even non-believers can live on this planet in peace or die as fools & failures. Oliver S. Muhammad, As Salaam Islamic Center of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Alhamdulillah! Thank you for promulgating this information! Imam Rashid Patch

There is no force or coercion in Islam. Everyone has the right to practice their faith without duress or fear. Qasim Kazmi

Our religion is one of peace and love not the madness that ISIS, Takfiris and others portray. Nafiseh Ispahani

There is indeed a “clash of barbarisms” and Muslims will have to recover the traditional teachings of their faith. Dr. Roger Abdul-Wahhabe Boase

May it come to pass, insha’Allah. Daniel Abdul-Hayy Moore, The Ecstatic Exchange

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World by Dr. John Morrow is an enlightening reference that brilliantly sheds light on the glorious and magnificent spirit of Islam as epitomized by the Prophet Muhammad. I recommend that all Muslims should have a copy of the book and read it as a first study in this field. It modestly establishes a cross-cultural communication between all the three religions. I would like to express our deep gratitude for Dr. John Morrow for bringing these covenants to light. Dr. Bouchra Belgaid

Thank you for this initiative. I fully endorse it! Few year ago I wrote an article for two Polish magazines describing the Muhammad’s edict, and had also some opportunity to talk publically on it in media. Please inform me about future activities related to the initiative. Andrzej Ahmed Saramowicz, Rumi Foundation of Poland

Fascinating, timely and important covenant to be renewing. Ramadan blessings to all. Jayde Russell, London Central Mosque and ICC

Any rectification of historical injustice to the life of the Blessed Prophet by the prejudiced intellect needs our applaud. It is the victory of intellectual honesty that transcends the confines of personal belief. Dr. Munawar A. Anees, President, Rawi University

Congratulations for your efforts for the pacific coexistence of Christian and Muslims. Monk Kosmas, Simonopetra Monastery

We all need to work in support of each other. Father Justin, St. Catherine’s Monastery

We would like to extend our thanks to you for sending us a copy of  The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World, by Dr. John Andrew Morrow, which is a very interesting and crucial work in terms of the aims of your initiative. As you have mentioned in your letter, mutual respect between Muslims and Christians, as well as all faiths of our region, is the only way to move forward. In the Holy Land, Our ancient Christian presence embodies this legacy of harmonious coexistence, as evidenced by the respect Caliph Omar ibn al Khattab showed for the Church of the Anastasis upon his entry into Jerusalem. This early example has set a precedent for the generations, lasting until today. As our Middle East region passes through its contemporary plight, we commend your efforts to foster peace and reconciliation as a result of your academic research, and we offer you wishes for success in sharing your positive message. With Our Patriarchal Blessings, Theophilos III, Patriarch of Jerusalem

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatoh, I really enjoyed your presentation at the ISNA convention on Sunday. I didn’t know these documents were still in existence. It’s incredible that I can read these letters today and add the knowledge of his covenants to the body of ahadith materials available to me from my bookshelf or online. I went into the ISNA bookstore and found a book called Letters of the Holy Prophet Muhammad by Sultan Ahmed Qureshi. I will thoroughly enjoy purusing your website and reading this book, Insha’Allah. I will also search for your book Insha’Allah. Jazakum Allahu Khyran for bringing this subject to our attention and doing so much research and making it available to us. Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatoh. Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal

A special thank you to Dr John Andrew Morrow for resurrecting a very valuable, forgotten document that possesses the inherent ability to transcend this reprehensible schism that divides the 2 great religions of the world. Salaam to all. — Afzal Rahman

Sounds like an all around “good dude” and a man of our times. The issues he has made his own, reverberate locally all over the globe, with differences between groups being trumpeted and militarized, while similarities and common grounds to peaceful co-existence- minimized. We need more like him! — John Doak

This is addressed to Dr. Morrow. Salaam! I heard you on the CBC Radio One program this morning. I have just read through the Covenants and watched your video. I am not an academic but – I would like to think – someone well-schooled in the principles of Islam. The content of the covenants is totally consistent with Islam as I learned it. Both my grandfathers were judges – one in India and one in Pakistan. I have studied the Quran and its translation since the age of thirteen. I am grateful that thanks to my Dad and personal interest, I have a reasonable command over classical Arabic. I know that anyone who does not ‘get’ the equality, sanctity and dignity of human life and need for peaceful dialogue, knows nothing about Islam. Keep up the good work! BTW, my husband and I moved to Canada in Sep. 1973. Jazak Allah! — Atiya Ahsan

The present day terror outfits of Islam are the counterparts of the Kharijites of early Islam who justified killing of Caliphs, their own parents and women and children of the polytheists and anyone who opposed their views. It is high time, the mainstream Sunni Islam regards them as having been expelled from the faith of Islam as happened with the Kharijites. It is an irony and pity that for lack of authoritativenss in Islam, the Talibans, Boko harams and al Shababs boast the prefix of ‘Islamic’ against their names. They are barbarians and must be exposed and treated as inveterate deniers of truth. — Muhammad Yunus

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad ,on whom be peace was sent as a mercy to the universe. John Andrew Morrow has researched this in his book.We must all work together to reclaim the great heritage of Our holy Prophet Muhammad,on whom be peace.This is the need of the hour! — Fazeel M Ferouz, President, Central Islamic Organization of Guyana

It is time for us to mean what we say, and consciously include this in Madrasas, and Friday Sermons in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and other nations where the communal relationships are tense. It needs to reach the congregants repeatedly to have a different set of mind. In Jordan for instance, the Friday Sermons are prepared in advance and delivered to different mosques to incorporate the idea of pluralism. — Mike Mohamed Ghouse

Islam is not about compulsion. I am a revert who was inspired by examples of moderate and courageous Muslims like those in Iran and Hezbollah and of Palestinians. I am repelled by the abuses and anti-Islasmic hatred of Takfiris and of Wahhabi ideology in general. — Muhammad Abbass

I condemn all the atrocities in the name of the most beneficent and merciful god/Allah. Islam is a religion of peace and I refuse to be categorised in the same group as these unethical human beings. — Fyza Durrani

Seeing as there is no compulsion in religion, as a Christian who tries to follow the 3 commandments in the New Testament, to love God with all my heart, mind, and soul, to love my neighbor as myself, and to do unto others as I would have them do unto me, (I would add further that my neighbor is everyone in the world), I’d like to sign the initiative if I may. What I know about true Islam, it is very beautiful. Thank you. — Arden Kirkman

This is a much-needed project, more so now than ever. — Dr. Kevin Barrett

Thank you for this incredible information… Congratulations on such a timely website clarifying the true spirit of Islam’s lofty regard for Christianity. As a Muslim in Ethiopia, I have begun sharing these powerful covenants with close Christian friends who have also recently become aware – and fascinated – by the tone of friendship imbued in the historical account of the first emigration of Muslims to the Abyssinian court of al-Nejashi, the Axumite Negus. I write to you with a suggestion about the English translations of these covenants. The frequently interspersed Arabic words within the English text seems to interrupt the flow of the reading, and in my opinion dampen the effect of the letters. If the Arabic is thrown in for the benefit of linguists or scholars aiming to validate the translations, I would think a separate link to each document with the full Arabic versions would be more appropriate. For the common lay man, the selective Arabic interjections result in a choppy and diluted read. Perhaps you could offer us an uninterrupted fully English translation of the covenants. This would also make the process of sharing – for example by copying and pasting the text into an email – a simpler affair, which would not require combing over and deleting the Arabic for intended readers who have no interest or aptitude for the Arabic words. God bless you for your work. — Malak Shumburo

Bismillah Qabaltu! I’ve accepted it. — Baha’uddin Peter Hughes

By the refuge of the God that bewilders (Allah), the absolute unconditional provider of existential mercy, development, care, and love (al-Rahman), the constant provider of existential mercy, development, care, and love (al-Rahim). Based on the Natural law inherent by God’s creative act (khalq wa ‘amr, Qur’an 7:54), God’s existential mercy (rahmah), mankind’s common heritage and equality (Q.4:1), God’s call towards equality of the members of the religions (commanded to bring equality between you/li-‘adlan baynakum Q.42:15. agreement of equality/kalimatin sawa’in Q.3:64) whereby no one can rule over the other as masters (arbaban Q.3:64) as we are judged by God based on our righteous awareness (taqwa Q.5:8 & 49:13) and not by the labels of our religious affiliations (Q.2:62, 5:69) as God has provided each of us with our forms of religions, laws and customs making pluralism divinely ordained (Q.5:48) and has commanded us to only race towards the common good (istabiqu al-khayrat Q.5:48), and to protect another against oppression and prosecution in any form, protecting all houses of worship (monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated Q.22:39-40). Together with the practice (sunna) of the Prophet Muhammad as expressed in his covenants with Christians, Jews and others wherein religious equality, freedom and protection are commanded, I’m bounded to honour, respect and aid my fellow humans of any religion. — Arnold Yasin Mol

I am the Founder and Executive Director of World Without Borders Interfaith Sufi Ashram, based on my book, “A Sufi’s Ruminations on One World under God.” I have maintained that Islam is not a religion but a way of life in surrender to God, however if it may be called a religion, then it is the first interfaith religion. This covenants initiative more than supports my thesis.  — Sufi John Ishvaradas Abdallah

I am honored to be a signatory to this amazing initiative. — Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa

May Allah, SWT, bless your efforts. — Mahmud Abdullah Abdat

The Prophet Muhammad warned us about the horns of the devil rising from Najd. After many years of using the oil wealth to export the toxic beliefs of the Najd backed Wahabi/Salafi movement, the Muslim world are reaping the toxic harvest of this abomination. Its time to get off the fence and expose these moronic individuals who kill and slaughter in the name of an Islam created by the heretical Wahabi/salafi movement. These individuals are too stupid to figure out that they are fighting alongside Israel and the people who have hijacked america against fellow Muslims and Christians. If they had more than a couple of brain cells they would probably be able to figure it out ! — Arshad Sharif, Muslim Council of Southampton

May Allah bless you, guide you and protect you in your humble and kind work in putting so much effort into this serious matter, and giving the Christian world the correct understanding of the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SWS), the prophet of all humanity, and finally pointing out the evil of false religiousity. — Muhammad Islam Singh

I sign this initiative. — Ali Malik

I am proud and honored to add my name to this work. — Yusuf AH Salaam

Forgot to say of course I support this! — Saimma Dyer

Peace to all, everyone, every being. Peace, Peace, Peace. — Kathryn Qahira Santana

Once the non-muslims in Muslims countries will be, insh’Allah treated with full respect, we’ll know as muslims that the Ummah will have reached a truer and closer understanding of the Way of the Prophet SAW. Salaams to all. — Marina (Nouria) Bouteillier

Thank you for making the covenants of the Prophet of Islam (sal) with Christians accessible, and also for starting this important initiative. We hope and pray that this gesture will encourage both Muslim and Christian leaders and communities to treat each other according to their respective religion’s highest ideals. As-Salamu ‘alaykum/Pax tecum. — Zachary Markwith

Adhiero totalmente. — Alicia Carrara

Esto es de una importancia extraordinaria. — Hector Manzolillo