Dr. John Morrow Recognised by US Congress

Posted by Taraneh Tabatabai 19 Oct, 2017 Australasian Muslim Times  Caption: Parvaneh Kadivar, John Andrew Morrow, and Zachary Markwith Dr John Andrew Morrow, the award-winning academic, author, and activist, received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition at the IMAN Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California on 24 September 2017. The extraordinary recognition to Dr Morrow… Continue reading →


Dear Signatories and Observers: The last full COVENANTS INITIATIVE REPORT was issued in June of last year. Since then our publication efforts, in terms of both books and articles, have expanded exponentially. In addition, Dr. Morrow has been giving numerous lectures, generally on a weekly basis. 1} As I mentioned in the last INTERIM report, Islam… Continue reading →


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APPENDIX  Additional Course Materials: Letters of Support, Testimonials etc. The purpose of these materials is to help interested individuals or Covenants Study Groups introduce the Covenants Training Course to other Muslims, to masjids, to Christians and Jews, and to interfaith organizations. 1} Endorsements for The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World … Continue reading →